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Making New Orleans a Better Home

Finance New Orleans is committed to creating an affordable pathway to homeownership for New Orleanians while improving the quality and creating a more climate conscious and resilient city.

Finance New Orleans is a housing and development finance agency serving all New Orleanians to better our community. We provide mortgage financing for low-to-moderate-income families and credit support for affordable rental and community development projects.

Founded by the City Council of New Orleans in 1978 as the “New Orleans Home Mortgage Authority,” our organization began by recognizing and acting on the demand for more affordable home mortgage financing. 今天, Finance New Orleans operates with a seven-member 董事会 of trustees appointed by the City Council of New Orleans. However, we are not a department or division of the city government.

Invested in New Orleans

Since 1979, Finance New Orleans has invested more than 6.5亿美元 into the New Orleans economy. Our efforts have been primarily focused on homeownership for low-to-moderate-income families. These investments have resulted in more than 8,000 mortgage financings and the creation of affordable rental units for families in need.

Our goal for the future is to continue investing in homeownership because we believe it is the foundation of an active community. In addition to homeownership, we increase our investments in multifamily and economic development projects that create stability in our neighborhoods.

Present Data (April 2015-Present)

Mortgage Originations76
Total Mortgage Amount$10,901,610
Total Assistance Amount$405,114
Average Assistance Amount$5,330
Average Interest Rate4.75%

Historical Data (1979-Present)

Mortgage Originations8,055
Single Family Mortgages $561,634,701
多户家庭的 & Economic Development$98,305,000
Grant Assistance$8,943,555
Total FNO Investment$668,883,256

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Finance New Orleans?

Finance New Orleans is a housing and development finance agency with a mission to improve the quality of life in New Orleans by investing in affordable housing and economic development programs that produce jobs and wealth for residents. Finance New Orleans was created by the City Council of New Orleans in 1978, but operates independently of City Hall. Finance New Orleans’s seven-member 董事会 of Trustees is also appointed by the City Council of New Orleans.

What does FinanceNOLA do?

As a housing and development finance agency, Finance New Orleans’s role is to provide the community with financial products and investments that stimulate economic growth. Finance New Orleans operates as a specialty bank by making investments that are generally unattractive to conventional sources of financing. We offer lending programs that support affordable housing, development and infrastructure projects.

How is the agency funded?

Finance New Orleans is a self-funded quasi-government that has historically financed its operations with municipal bonds and a limited amount of grant support from other governmental agencies. Moving forward, FinanceNOLA plans to utilize multiple funding sources including municipal bonds, 税收抵免, community impact investments and grants. FinanceNOLA is also an associate member of the FHLB of Dallas with full access to their suite of funding products.

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